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Everything You Need To Know About

What Is ? is an online casino which offers a unique experience to the player due to the huge variety of game modes, animations, rewards and many more other features that we are going to dive in a little bit!

The website also provides many different deposit and withdrawal options so it fully fills every player’s need! (crypto currency deposits/withdrawals cs2 deposits/withdrawals credit card deposits and more!) Bonuses And Promo Code


If you click on the top left side tab called “rewards” you can type in the code “crypn” and grab yourself some free cases to try out the site plus a 5% deposit bonus on every single deposit! only by using one simple code!

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if you click on the top left side tab called “rewards” you are going to witness a lot of free daily cases that you can open just by playing on the site and leveling up!

This way it makes it exciting for the player and you can literally win free money every single day and get free crypto/cs2 skins! Dont miss out!


Well if you are feeling like playing a bit risky you can always check the “10K Race” tab YES 10K and you can win from 100 coins up to 5000 coins! just by wagering on the site! And its literally every single day!

For Playing on the website, opening cases playing roulette or any game mode you will receive a claimable rakeback. You can claim your rakeback on clash at any point at the “rewards” tab.

clashgg rakeback claim


If you look on the left side on top of the chat you are going to notice a tab saying “RAIN POOL” What is a rain pool you might ask? Well its literally a way to get free coins on the site every 30 minutes for free! you can get it as many times as you like and the higher the level you are the bigger prize you get. This way you guarantee yourself some free money just by being on the site!

Game Modes Offers

clashgg case battles game mode


Well stepped in with a unique case battle mode where you can play against one , two or even 3 players! and the one with the most coins pulled from the cases gets to keep everything! But, thats a bit lame isn’t it? Well on you can actually team up with other players on the “team battles” and play the unique 2v2 version! which means the team with the most coins pulled gets to split the winnings! Wasn’t that exciting enough? Well we got more! you can try the “crazy” mode as well which is for players that are not feeling that lucky! This means the person with the least amount of coins pulled gets to keep everything! And to finish it off here we have one of the most unique modes that nowhere can be found! The “terminal mode”! Which means the last case is the decider! The person that pulls the most on the last case gets to keep everything!


On this game mode you get to pick and choose any skin of the huge variety of skins they have and try to upgrade to it by using your on site coins! just imagine upgrading some lame coins into knives dragon lores and many many more!


Do you think you have what it takes to get picked out of everyone and win a lot amount of coins? Well then you need to choose the “Jackpot” game mode where you and other players are going to fight for the prize! depending on your bet you have a percentage to win! But just imagine winning 100 coins with only just one! All it takes is a little bit of luck!

clashgg jackpot game mode


Plinko is a simple game mode where you can pick any amount you want to bet and if you are lucky enough you can even get 1000$ from 0.1$! you think im lying? Well im not! because the plinko ball can land even on the 10.000x of your bet! What are you waiting for!


Who doesn’t like a good old school roulette am i right? But the best part is this one is a bit more unique! Other than the the usual red/black/green bets this one steps in and has the chicken bet! On this bet it means if the roulette lands on the symbols next to the green you get 7x your bet! Plus if you get in the right time and the roulette manages to hit 3 greens in a row you get to split a huge jackpot with the rest of the players!

clashgg roulette game mode


On this game mode you can use from one mine if you want to play it safe up to 24 for the risky players! all you have to do is chose the right square and watch your bet getting multiplied! But be careful! there are some cheeky mines hiding behind the squares! try your best not to land on them!


On this game mode if you don’t feel like playing against other players you can pick out of the huge variety of cases risky or safe ones to open and try your luck! This way you can win up to 1000x your bet just by getting the right ticket! are you feeling lucky? Go use promo code “crypn” and get started!


To finish it off as you can see “” is literally CLASH with all of those different deposit methods and gamemodes! Plus the website is 100% provably fair and you can check it on your own if you click on the top right hand side on your profile picture and click “provably fair”! Dont waste time! get on clash and upgrade your cs2 inventory and dont forget to use promo code “Crypn”!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.