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All you need to know about is a new CS2 gambling website with huge potential to reach the glory of the best CS2 gambling sites! The website provides you with a huge selection of rewards, house games and different deposit/withdrawl options! You can deposit on using CS2 Skins,PayPal,Credit Card, and a huge selection of crypto such as BTC,ETH,LTC,USDT etc. Plus one good thing offers is, that you can choose to withdraw between CS2 skins (Waxpeer,P2P) and Crypto! (BTC,ETH,LTC).

What rewards does offer?

On there are different rewards you can claim! So lets just into them and see what they got to offer! 

Promo Code

By using the promo code “CRYPN” on the “Rewards” tab on top left corner you get yourself 0.5$ to try out the site for free!

Daily Double

By clicking at the “Daily Double” tab on top left, you get yourself a free daily prize (depending on your level) that you get to claim every single day! The best part? every day the prize you claim goes X2!


on the “Rewards” tab as we mentioned earlier theres is a rakeback feature which allows you to get a percentage of your money back according to your level and wager!

splitsgg rakeback rewards

What game modes splitsgg offer?


On this classic game the player has to bet between three different colors (Red/Green/Black) if the player bets on black/red and it hits he guarantees himself X2 his bet size! Now if the player is feeling lucky and hits the green symbol he gets himself X14 the bet size! keep in mind though that the green symbol is only 1/15 chances to hit!


On this game mode the player picks any bet size he wishes and then he lets the rocket fly to any multiplier he pleases! BUT, be careful! Don’t get too greedy because the rocket can crash at any time and make you lose your bet!

splitsgg crash game

50X Wheel

This game mode has some similarities with roulette! On this gamemode there are 50 different tiles and you need to pick between 4 different colors!(Red, Black, Green, Gold) if you manage to hit the red symbol you get yourself X2 your bet, on the black symbol you get yourself X3 your bet, on the green color you get yourself X5 your bet and if you are lucky enough to hit the Gold symbol you get yourself X50!

splitsgg 50x wheel game


On this gamemode there is a board with 25 different tiles! The player can choose any bet size and then he has to pick how many mines he wants on the board (1-24). The player has to click on the tiles and try not to land on a mine! the multiplier he wins varies according to how many mines he puts on the board and how many tiles he clicks! has a lot more honorable mentions such as: blackjack,Baccarat,HI-LO,Plinko,Slide,Video poker and more!

Different questions the player might have according

Is legit?

Yes, is 100% legit. They have a Provably fair tab on the bottom right corner where you can check every bet you have done on any gamemode and see for yourself that the outcome is 100% valid!

What rules i have to follow to play on

Once again on the bottom right corner there is a tab called “TOS”. On this tab you will find every rule/requirment needed in order to play legally on the site!

Where can i communicate with

If you go down at the bottom right corner you can find a tab called “contact us”. If you click this tab you are going to be able to find all the platforms where you can communicate with the website’s staff members!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.