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KeyDrop Promo Code 2024

Get $0.50 And a 10% Deposit Bonus With The Key-drop promo code "crypn" !

FREE $0.50 + 10% Deposit Bonus

Introduction To And Promo Code

What is Keydrop ? is one of the biggest csgo case opening sites that provides a bunch of different game modes and animations that make the site exciting and fun to watch for the player!

It does have a huge selections of languages that you can choose from to make your experience better and easier!


Plus if you click on the top right hand side at the deposit button you can find a huge selection of deposit methods!(such as cs2 skins, credit card deposits,crypto currency deposits,giftcards,skrill, and many many more!) That way it makes it easier for every user worldwide to play on the site!

Plus if you have any suspicions about the site you can always click on your icon on the top right corner and click the “Provably Fair” tab and get informed about everything site related!

Bonuses And Promo Code On Keydrop

Promo Code:


When you click on the deposit button on the right side it has a promo code tab!

If you type in the code “crypn” you guarantee yourself a 10% deposit bonus and 0.5$ to try out the site for free! What a deal! and the best part? you can get the deposit bonus everytime you feeling lucky!

Daily cases:

On the left hand side you will notice a little tab named “GET FREE” on this tab you can find some free daily cases you can open every single day and collect “gold coins” where you can use to open actual cases and win csgo skins for free! And dont forget that by playing on the site you level up and you get to open more and better free cases and literally win skins daily!

keydrop daily free cases



On the left hand side you will notice a little tab named “GET FREE” on this tab if you click on the “free gold” section there are multiple tasks you can complete to earn some gold! You can use that gold to open cases on the site and get free cs2 skins in a couple of minutes! Do you know what its going to cost you? NOTHING! Dont miss your chance!

Game Modes On Keydrop

KEY-DROP.COM provides a bunch of different game modes that you can choose from depending on your liking and win csgo skins the way you like!



on this specific and one of a kind game mode you can pick and choose on the free event pass or the premium one where you can get free rewards and skins just by opening “EVENT CASES” or by topping up your balance! All you have to do is literally enjoy your stay and get free rewards only by playing on the site!



On this exciting section you can pick and choose any of the huge variety of cases and you can battle between one, two or even 3 players! The person that pulls the most out of the cases gets to keep all the winnings! Unless you feel unlucky and risky you can try the “UNDERDOG MODE”. This means the player with the least amount pulled by the cases gets to keep everything!
In case people are not active or you just dont want to play against other players you can always start the battle with bots which are 100% provably fair!

keydrop case battle gamemode


On this specific game mode you can pick all the skins you dont like from your inventory and make a contract by clicking the “CREATE CONTRACT” tab and you have a chance of getting rid of your ugly cs2 skins and getting one nice beautiful skin of the same value or even better!


On this game mode you get to pick some skins out of your inventory or on site balance to upgrade into a skin of your liking! You can either go safe and try upgrades on 70% or you might feel lucky and risky and you can try your luck on some 10% upgrades getting 10x more the value of your skin/on site balance!

keydrop upgrader game mode

And to finish it off you can always use the “skin changer” tab in case you want to trade the skins you have for some skins that you like!

This way you dont have to wait for the 7 day trade ban in order to switch your skins to the ones that you like!


Plus everytime you top up your balance depending on the amount you get to join all five giveaways on the site when you can win from 3$ up to 1700$! YES YOU HEARD ME 1700$. Dont miss your chance get on use the promo code “Crypn” for the free deposit bonus and start upgrading your csgo inventory right away!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.