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Csgoluck Promo Code 2024

Get 5 Free Cases And a 5% Deposit Bonus On Csgoluck With the promo code "crypn"


What is

Information about is a csgo gambling offering a lot of different game modes that the player can enjoy and try to win good CSGO skins! 

The site has a bunch of different deposit methods to make it easy for players all around the world to play on! Some of those deposit methods are (Gift cards/Crypto/CSGO skins/PayPal/Credit Card deposits/skrill and many more!).Plus they have a huge selection of CSGO skins the player can withdraw!

csgoluck deposit methods

What Bonuses does Csgoluck offer?

Welcome bonus / Promo code bonus

First things first when the player logs in for the first time on the site he will get 5 free cases and a 100% deposit bonus with only 40x wager! After if the player clicks the three lines on the top right corner and then go to rewards+ -> Promotion tab he can type in the code “CRYPN” and get a 5% Deposit Bonus every time he wishes to play on the site!

csgoluck promo code

Daily cases

When the player clicks the little gift icon on top middle of the website he will see a tab called “Daily Cases” on this specific tab the player can open daily cases and win free skins everyday just by playin on the site and leveling up! Higher level daily case means better rewards!

Supercharge cases

On this specific tab the player can open some cases by completing the required tasks! Once again the cases with the harder tasks to complete have better rewards!

What Gamemodes does have?

Thankfully covers all the needs for all the players! They offer all the old classic house games a site can have plus they have a slot section as well!


Slots: on this tab the player can go on and choose any of the thousands of slots that exist out there and try to hunt some insane max wins!

Case Opening

On the “Case Opening” tab the player can choose any of the big selection of cases offers and open them for a chance to get a skin more expensive than the case’s price!

csgoluck case opening

Case Battles

On this gamemode the player gets to choose any amount of cases he wishes and then play 1v1 with another player! Whoever pulls the most gets to keep the other player’s skins as well!


This game mode is literally what the Caption says! The player chooses any amount he wants and then he plays against another player, coin flips and if the player chooses the side the coin flips he wins! Its a safe 50/50 game!

csgoluck coinflip game mode

Crash Game Mode

There is nothing better than a classic crash game! On this game the player puts any amount he wishes and then a chart starts going up! The chart can crash at any point from 1.00x up to unlimited multiplier! The player can cashout anytime he wishes to! But be careful dont be too greedy dont forget that the chart can crash and any point!

Mines Game

On this specific game mode there is a board with 25 squares on it! The player can choose from 1 mine up to 24 and he has to pick the “safe” squares to click on! the multiplier on the win depends on how many mines and how many squares the player manages to pass through!


Old classic roulette game mode! the player can pick between T/CT/clover symbol and hope it lands on it! T/CT side pays 2X and if the player is lucky enough to hit the clover symbol it pays 14X!

csgoluck roulette wheel game mode


On this game mode the player can choose between 3 levels (easy/medium/hard). The player needs to pick the right tiles to move onto the next level! the more correct tiles the player hits the better the multiplier gets!

Common questions about

Is legit?

The player can always click on the three lines on top right corner then head over to the “about us” tab and head over to the “game fairness” tab.There the player can verify any bet he does on any gamemode!

Where can i contact if i have any issues?

The player can click on the three lines on top right corner. After if he clicks the “About us+” tab he can find CSGOluck email and every platform they are on!

Why should i choose to play on?

Well as we mentioned before covers all the needs a player can have! from deposit methods to different enjoyable gamemodes! Plus its an upcoming site with many more to come!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.