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Datdrop Promo Code 2024

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What is ?

Introduction To And Promo Codes

datdrop deposit methods is a Case opening Website that has been running for years and hundreds of thousands of people have played over this period.

Datdrop made its introduction back in 2016 bringing a new way of opening cases other than the original CS:GO cases and its probably one of the oldest if not the oldest case opening sites.


The Website offers a huge selection of cases and different game modes the players can enjoy! Lets get right into all the game modes and bonuses the Website has to offer!

First off we are going to talk about the deposits and withdrawal methods has to offer!


Thankfully the Website has a huge selections of deposit methods such as CSGO skins, crypto, credit card and Game money making the player’s life easier since he can deposit with a bunch of different methods!

Withdrawal Covers the need of the player as well since you can either withdraw CSGO skins to upgrade your inventory, or Crypto!

What Bonuses Does Has To Offer?

Deposit Bonus: offers 5% deposit bonus if you click the plus sign on top right corner and use the promo code “Crypn” everytime you Deposit!

For example if you deposit ten times 20$ you will get 22$ in return every single time!

datdrop best promo code



On if you deposit from 5$ up to 20$ you get to join their hourly, daily and weekly giveaway, And if you are lucky you can win from 7$ up to 120$+ for free! Personally i have won three times myself!

Royale Race:

For this reward all you have to do is wager on the “battle royale” Game mode and the more you wager you guarantee a spot on a free royale! The price of the royale depending on how much money people have wagered each week. Even if you are not at the top 27 you still have a chance to join in since the players must be online the time the Royale race rolls in order to join in! For example you can be 50th place on the list but because a lot of people weren’t online you still get in!

Free Cases:


On the left top corner you are going to notice a tab called “FREE CASES” if you head over to this tab you can see a list of five cases you can open according to your Level! for example if you deposit 25$ or less you get to open the level 1 Case. Every 25$ more you deposit you upgrade to the next levels and you get to open better cases! The best part is if you reach Level 4 for example after you open the case you dont start from the beggining. Each day Your level will be reduced by 5$! which means if you get to the max level you get to open the Level 4 case for 5 days in a row without depositing!

datdrop free cases Game Modes

Case opening:

On you can play the known to everyone case opening game where you get to pick and choose a case of any price variety and according to your ticket you win skins lower or higher of the price of the case!


On this game mode the player gets to pick balance or on site inventory skins and literally try to do exactly what the game mode is called! Upgrade! The player can try to win better skins by upgrading his worse ones! For example if a player picks a skin of 2$ and tries to upgrade it for 20$ he is going to have 10% chance to actually hit the upgrade! You can choose from 90% down to 0.01% upgrades and win insane skins!

Case battles:

This game mode is one of my favorites! The player gets to pick any amount of cases and any price and then he can play against one , two or three players! The player with the most total won gets to pick all the winnings from the rest of the players!

Now if the player wants to play more safe he can always use the “team battle” method where he gets to pick the cases and four people split in teams of two. The team with the most total won gets the other teams winnings and splits them!

The last case battle method is the “Equality mode” In this mode two , three or four players can join in and the total pulled by the players gets to split to every single one of them! This method is usually used on risky cases such as the “10% knife” case in the hopes that at least one player hits and split the profit!

datdrop case battle game

Battle Royale:


In this game mode the player can pick from four up to 72 players according to how lucky he feels like and he gets to battle in rounds till he reaches the final to win the final prize! Usually players tend to put the most expensive cases at the start! For example a player can chose twelve way Royale, Then he puts 5$ worth of cases on the first round which in average comes to the total of 12×5=60$ then if he wins every other round coming up he can get to the final and win 60$ with literally only 5$!

Common Questions About Datdrop

Why would i choose


As We mentioned before has been running for over seven years making it one of the most famous and trusted ones out there! Plus they offer a huge variety of cases, Game modes and deposit/withdrawal methods to satisfy every single player!

Is Legit?

The answer is, YES they are legit and licensed. Plus the ticket you get for every case you open is powered by making it fully legit! You can always click on the “Provably Fair” tab after any case you open to Verify everything!

datdrop provably fair system

If i get the same total with another player in a battle who wins it?

If you manage to get the same total winnings with another player in that case is going to roll again from 0-100000 and the two players have the tickets from 0-50000 and from 50000-100000. If for example rolls 65000 ticket that means the second player gets to win the tie!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.