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Hellcase Promo Code 2024

Get Free CSGO Skins and a 10% deposit bonus  with the Hellcase Promo Code “crypn”!

Everything About Hellcase Promo Codes And Free Bonuses

How To Use Hellcase Promo Code And what bonuses does has to offer?

Promo Code:
First things first the player after he gets on the site for the first time he can click on the top right corner the "REFILL" or the "PROMOCODE" tab and type in the promo code "Crypn" for a 10% deposit bonus and 0.70$ to try out the site! He can get the 10% deposit bonus every time he wishes to play on the site!

best hellcase promo code in 2023 with best rewards
how to use a promocode on hellcase


On the top left corner the player will notice a tab named “Giveaway” if he clicks on it he is going to have to do some tasks and claim tickets in order to win up to 1000$ just by doing some simple tasks!

how to join hellcase free giveaways

Daily Free:
If the player deposits 5$ every month he gets to open the free Daily Case everyday with a chance of winning some free balance on the site, skins or War Tags!

User giveaways:

If the player clicks on the “User Giveaway” tab he is going to find a list of content creators and he can join just by depositing the required amount asked!

War Tag shop:
Every time a player wagers on the site he gets some “War Tags” (The more you wager the more you get) With those “War Tags” the player can go on the “War Tag Shop” tab on top middle of the site and he can open cases by using the War Tags!

Hellcase Premium:

On the top middle the player will notice a tab called “Premium” on this specific tab the player can choose between three “Subscription Premium Plans” and he can get access to “Free tokens” , “Premium cases” which only subscription members can open , “Premium Giveaways” that are running daily weekly and monthly only for the premium users, your own personal support and many more! In general the “Premium Plan” is giving great benefits to the players and makes his experience even better!

Information About

What Is ? is one of the biggest CS:GO Case opening sites with thousands of people playing on the website daily! they have been running for over 6 years now and its one of the most famous sites to ever exist! Hellcase is here to provide you with different game modes ,Giveaways and Deposit/Withdrawal Methods! We are going to talk about those one by one and explain everything the player need to know!

First Lets start with the Deposit methods the Website provides which are Credit card deposits, Crypto, CSGO skins, Paypal / Paysafe, google pay and bank deposits making the deposit experience for the player really easy!


The player after he plays on the site can exchange his on site skins for a better skin or dota2/Rust items! The withdrawal is really quick and it gets directly sent to your steam account so the player can upgrade his CS2 inventory in a split of a second!

hellcase deposit methods to get balance Game Modes

Case opening: has come with a huge variety of cases the player can open from cheap ones to expensive ones depending on his balance! You pretty much pick a case and you hope to get a good ticket and win a better skin that the case’s price!

Upgrade: This game mode is pretty simple! The player has to pick between on site balance or on site skins and try to upgrade them to better ones! you can go for safe upgrades like 1.5x your bet size or for some risky ones like 10x ones!

hellcase upgrade game mode

Trade Up Contract:

On this game mode the player has to choose skins out of his on site inventory and pick which contract he wants to go for! The player can choose between an easy to hit one for a 1.2x payout , a medium one for a 5x payout or if he is feeling lucky the Hard one for a 10x payout!

hellcase case battles game mode

Case Battle:

On this gamemode the player gets to pick any cases he wishes and play against one , two or three players! in order to win the player needs to have the best winnings and he gets to keep his opponents skins as well! If players dont join the case battle the player can always “call” bots that are going to join the case battle, and they are 100% provably fair!

Common Questions About

Is safe? is indeed safe, The site has a huge fame since it has been running for years! Hellcase is licensed and you can always click on your profile picture on top right and then click the “Provably Fair” to find any questions you might have about them!

Why should i choose


Well if you are a fan of case opening and you want to have a unique experience then hellcase is your way to go! The Website has a lot of features and different game modes which makes the player satisfied!

Where else can i contact the Hellcase team for any questions i might have?

If you scroll down on the bottom right corner you will find every platform Hellcase is on and you can always head over to their social media and get the help you need!

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hellcase free balance and deposit bonus

You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.