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Pandaskins Promo Code , Pandaskins Free Skin Codes 2024

Get a 5% Deposit Bonus , And Free Skins On With the promo code "crypn"


What Is ?

Everything You Need To Know About

Pandaskins is a case opening site that has been running for a while now offering a huge selection of different game modes the player can pick and choose to make his time on the site enjoyable and fun!

The site has to offer a lot of different deposit/withdrawal methods, so this way players all over the world can play! Some deposit methods are (Credit card/Union pay/Paypal/apple pay/crypto/ CSGO skins) and many more!


The player can Withdraw on different ways as well such as (Payeer/PayPal/bitcoin/ethereum) making the player’s experience better!

pandaskins deposit methods

What Bonuses Pandaskins Has To Offer?

Pandaskins Promo Code

First things first we are going to start with the “promo code” bonus! If you head over on the “partner” tab on top right you will see a tab saying “Activation of the partner code” if you type in the code “crypn” you get yourself 5% deposit bonus every time the player wants to play!

Pandaskins Free Skin Codes

Any player can activate these exclusive codes on the “free skin codes” tab. Up to daily 3 codes. Each code is 8 digits.


Giveaways On Pandaskins

If the player clicks the tab called “GIVEAWAY” He can find a selection of four different giveaways he can join if he just deposits the required amount!

Exclusive Bonuses Pandaskins Offering

First we got the tab called “promo skin” on this tab the player can use our special promo codes (upto 3 codes / day) Code of the day is:

pandaskins exclusive bonuses

We got the tab called “apple roll”. Every time the player deposits and wager any amount he collects apples which he can use on this specific tab to open cases and win free skins!

Third on the list is “Daily Card” on this specific tab if the player have deposited the required amount the past week he gets to pick a random card and get free rewards!

Right up next is the “Tasks” tab where the player can complete some easy simple tasks and get free apples in no time to open the apple cases (check number 2)

Last on the list is the tab called “Fragments” on this tab you get to craft different fragments you can collect by opening specific cases listed below and get free skins!

What Gamemodes does have?

Case Opening On Pandaskins

First off we start with the loving to everyone game mode case opening! all you need to do is pick and choose any cases of the huge selection “” offers and open them for better skins! or maybe worse according to your luck!

pandaskins cases

Pandaskins Case Battles

On this game mode the player gets to pick random cases of his choice and then he needs to pick between one ,two or three players to play against! the player with the most value in skins pulled gets to keep the other players items! Also the player can choose to play against the website’s bots.

Skin Dice Game Mode

On this gamemode the player can pick a skin from his on-site inventory and then pick how many times he wants to multiply his skin value! if the dice rolls on the winning range he gets to keep the better item!


For example if the player goes for a 3x value of his item he has 33% of winning! if the dice rolls 0-33000 he wins the item! if it rolls on the 33001-100000 range he loses!

pandaskins skin dice game

Pandaskins Mines

pandaskins mine game

There is nothing better than the old classic miner game mode! Here the player gets to keep how many bombs he wants to add on the game and he has to pretty much not land on a bomb!


The Player can go low risk and only put one bomb on the whole board and go for easy hits or play it risky and add up to 24 bombs! the winning amount depends on the bombs and how many tiles the player manages to go through!

Trade Up Contracts

On this game the player can pick from 3-10 items and try to upgrade them for a better or worse item according to his luck!

Common questions about

Is Legit?

When the player gets on the site he can check the top left corner! There’s a tab called “PROVABLY FAIR” on this specific tab the player can get all the information needed about pandaskins provably fair plus he can check every bet he has done on every single game mode!

What happens if i don't like the items i have on my on site inventory?

On the top left-middle of the site the player will notice a tab called “Exchange” on this tab the player can choose any skins from his on-site inventory and exchange it for one that he likes!

If the player does’nt feel like playing more he can always use his on site balance on the “STORE” tab and purchase any skin he wants!

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You are responsible of any bets. We are only promoting the websites offers. We do not take responsibility for any losses from gambling. Be over 18+ to gamble.